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Cool Drum Beat
8:35 PM | Author: Zerwin
I was browsing Youtube recently just checking out some drumming exercises and allotting some time for my hobby. For the benefit of those who don't know me, I'm actually hooked and addicted in playing drums and Games of the Generals, and some other stuffs. I always find time to pamper my self with these addictions.

Going back, I found this really cool video about paradiddle, one of the 40 rudiments of drumming; I find it really cool that I posted here. Check it out!

As to the instructions about how to do paradiddle, just watch the video or you can browse the web. ^_^

Thanks to downview
Video URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLtvTzoTgO4&feature=related
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Of losing
9:18 PM | Author: Zerwin
How does it feel losing something?
Painful? Perhaps yes..

Well, I just lost my cellphone yesterday on my way to a mall. How do I feel? Nothing.

It's not really my first time to have lost something. For the record, I have lost only three valuable things this year. I seldom lose a thing valuable to me because I make sure it's well secured. But there really some instances when things go out of control.

The first time was when I left my wallet inside a public utility van. After knowing my wallet is gone, I hurried back to where i was dropped off and to where the terminal of the van is thinking I could still retrieved it - I failed. I really hope that time that whosoever found it will return it to me because all the information he/she needed to know about me is in the wallet. I even have my school ID and my cellphone number, yet after months of waiting no one texted or even returned my ID to the guard at the school. I don't mind whether they will return the money, what Im after was the valuable things inside it.

The second was my USB. I just found out one day that it was already gone. I might have handed it someone, then it was not returned. USB's are cheaper nowadays.. I can always buy a new one. But I can never replace what's inside of it - the important documents, pictures.

Lastly is my cellphone. It fell while I was riding a tricycle. My cellphone is not high-tech as i consider it. Actually, Its LCD is not colored and has no camera (I dont know what brand of Nokia it is). So I was really thinking that people will not have interest of stealing or keeping it - I was wrong. I tried calling it many times. At first, the phone still rings but later it was turned off.

How come people are so dishonest nowadays?
Bakit hindi na magawa ng tao (ng Pilipino) na isauli ang bagay na hindi naman sa kanya?
Naaalala ko pa na proud na proud ako noon nung nakita ko sa TV yung taong nagsauli ng malaking halaga. Sabagay malaking halaga iyon.. Sa tingin siguro ng ibang tao, wala ng halaga yung mga maliliit na bagay na nawawala at nakikita nila kaya ayun hindi na magawang isauli.

Hindi ako nanghihinayang sa materyal na bagay na nawala. Nanghihinayang ako sa sintemental na halaga ng mga bagay na iyon. Nangahihinayang ako sa mga mensaheng naroroon na binabasa ko araw-araw at nagbibigay inspirasyon sa akin, lalung-lalo na yong mga mensahe na hindi na masasabi o mabibigay ng mga taong mahalaga sa iyo...

Hay... nagiging madrama lang ako siguro...

On the brighter side, may mga kapalit ang mga bagay na nawala..
Ano kaya 'yon.. Exciting! ^_^
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