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Some Tips on Virus Prevention
9:25 AM | Author: Zerwin
After reading some posts about some tips on virus prevention and cure, it's now time for me to share my own.

By the way, I'm not really a computer geek or some kind of a sage when it comes to this field (In fact this is not even related with profession); nevertheless, what I'm sharing is based on my experience with this kind of problem. As the saying goes, "Experience is the best teacher!".

Note: The following suggestions are for virus prevention only and not for treating already infected pc's. The two concepts are different. The already infected pc has some viruses that will hinder some of the functions of the virus prevention program (or the tips i will be sharing), although some tips may actually work yet in rare instances only based on my experience.

1. Secure a trusted and effective anti-virus software, then install it (of course!). These softwares will block the viruses from running itself into the computer system. However, make sure that the software is really reliable and updated as much as possible because there are new viruses and trojans out there that are not yet listed and included in the softwares system/function.

Here are the following anti-virus programs that I have used so far and have proven their worth:

a. AOL Active Virus Shield - this one is powered by Kaspersky and is only intended for promotional purposes by AOL. That is why there is no more available download for this one in the net. (I was lucky I was able to download a copy and experience its effectiveness before it's gone. Sad thing is, I needed to reformat my pcs system for some reasons. By such time, there were no more copies and license to use the product. )

b. Kaspersky - Knowing how effective AOL Active Virus Shield was, I tried searching for another anti-virus with such label. There it is, The Kaspersky itself. This one is truly amazing in blocking malwares and other unwanted programs that run automatically. Thus, any virus attempt of installing itself is always apprehended - stopped! The result is a safer computer. However, I still had a problem encountered; it is not about its effectiveness but about its price! Yes! This one is not free! Unlike the first one... That time I didn't have much money to pay for it (I don't even have a credit card) so I tried using the hacked version (lets kip it a secret! I stopped using it anyway... Someone from the authorities might caught me.. hehehe..). Anyhow, if it's okay with you to pay the price in exchange for the protection it offers, then go for it.. It's probably more practical than paying for repair when your PC is already nonfunctional.

c. Mcafee - Just like Kaspersky, this one is not free. Yet I tried using it because of the reputation of the company in giving total protection for PC's. Indeed, it is effective. Same with the previous, i'll cost you a penny. To give you some tips, I didn't actually buy them. What I did is I used the trial version they offer. For 30 days you will be experiencing most of the product's components and even having updates everyday up to 30 days only. For me, I doesn't matter if it's only 30 days, at least my PC is safe within the span of time. My only problem by then is to search for another anti-virus software with the same promo that i can avail of every month.
By the way, another problem I had with Mcafee is that it consumes a lot of memory, which somehow slows down your computer.

d. Avira AntiVir PE Premium - same with the previous, it entitles you with a 30-day trial time to enjoy its effectiveness. But mind you, even after several months of being expired, I'm still using this software up to now. That only proves how good this product is..

There are disabled features when you use the trial versions.
And above all, I'm not payed to advertise them. It's a way to repay them for the use of their product and the benefits I got. Fair enough.

2. Use a DeepFreezer (DeepFreeze) - This is actually endorsed to me by one of my friend in TYG, Kuya James, who is an IT specialist. It's a program which is more like a system restore because it goes back to the system from which you froze (or saved) every time you restart (and shutdown and reopen) your computer. Whatever changes you have made in your PC, if the icon is on, it will still go back to its previous setting.
This is a perfect combination with an effective anti-virus program. Even if a tenacious virus will get pass the anti-virus, it still wont penetrate inside the system because it will just be deleted every time the computer restarts - it's as if u didn't experience any virus attempt (just make sure the virus is not present in the unfrozen sections of the computer like the Drive D).
This product also has disadvantages, which up for you to discover and adopt with...

3. Avoid surfing unsafe sites like Gaming sites, porn sites and the like - the message is simple: They are not safe!

4. Try using Mozilla Firefox - I heard it has some virus-proof features.. I don't know if it's really true.. well, I simply prefer using it..

5. Be cautious in inserting removable media - they might be virus carriers! Try not to double-click them when opening. Instead, go to my computers then click the folders icon just below the file menu bar/toolbar. After which, a tree will appear at the left side. Scan the media with your chosen software, then you may now click and open the media.
(There are also other ways on how not to activate viruses in removable media. Try researching.)

Well, that's it. I cannot think of some more tips. Perhaps I'll just make another posts.
Time check, it's already 3:06am of November 19, 2008. Sleeping time.

By the way, I'm open for any suggestions, questions, clarifications, violent reactions, and corrections. Feel free to comment.
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Removing Some Rubbish
6:10 PM | Author: Zerwin
Now my blog is cleaner than before. I finally decided to remove all the advertisements embedded in my blog.

I just came to realize, I'm not blogging for money anyway. I'm not payed to blog anyway (thanks to Trashman's post). Perhaps, I should again check my purpose of blogging.


I'm now back in the blogosphere. I'd been busy this past months that is why i had no time to update my blog, even just checking my friendster account. Whew! Fourth year na pala talaga ako. I now only have less than six months, by then I will be exiting the portals of ndmu entering a new arena of life - my teaching career. Honestly, arriving at this point of my life, I began feeling confused and uncertain of what life will be for me. What will now happen to me after my college life? of course it will not be the same day like you'll wake up in the morning, take a bath, eat breakfast then go to school, seat in a class then go out when the bell ring, chat with your friends, go out for a gimmick and the likes that usually happen in college. Naiiisip ko pa lang na ganun na ang mangyayari, nalulungkot na ako. Hay..

Advice? Anyone?
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