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Hypersomnia vs. Insomnia
8:29 AM | Author: Zerwin
If you are cursed to have a sleeping disorder, which will you prefer hypersomnia or insomnia?

As for me, I'd prefer to be an insomniac. Having less time sleeping will give you more time doing something else more worthwhile than sleeping. And besides, we don't have all the time in the world to sleep, do we?

By the way, I'm a hypersomniac and it really sucks being one!

How about you? Which will you prefer?
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I'll be Graduating soon
8:01 AM | Author: Zerwin
What thoughts must a person have when he is about to graduate, when he is about to finish a four-consecutive-year and three-tiresome-summer endeavor, when he is about to face a new, uncertain phase of his life, when he is about to go out from his comfort zone of college life and step into a world, a real world, that is cruel? What emotions must he have to show to the world? What attitude and character must he portray? What role must he do? What dialogues are to be delivered on the stage of reality?


I should be asking these questions to myself--because GaGRADUATE NA AKO!!
I'm actually excited yet disturbed by the realities I ought to face.

However, I need to be optimistic!
So allow me to flaunt my picture here on my blog, hoping that some interested employers will drop by here and, who knows, hire me! lol ^_^

Behold the power of technology--photo editing! ^_^
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