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Removing Some Rubbish
6:10 PM | Author: Zerwin
Now my blog is cleaner than before. I finally decided to remove all the advertisements embedded in my blog.

I just came to realize, I'm not blogging for money anyway. I'm not payed to blog anyway (thanks to Trashman's post). Perhaps, I should again check my purpose of blogging.


I'm now back in the blogosphere. I'd been busy this past months that is why i had no time to update my blog, even just checking my friendster account. Whew! Fourth year na pala talaga ako. I now only have less than six months, by then I will be exiting the portals of ndmu entering a new arena of life - my teaching career. Honestly, arriving at this point of my life, I began feeling confused and uncertain of what life will be for me. What will now happen to me after my college life? of course it will not be the same day like you'll wake up in the morning, take a bath, eat breakfast then go to school, seat in a class then go out when the bell ring, chat with your friends, go out for a gimmick and the likes that usually happen in college. Naiiisip ko pa lang na ganun na ang mangyayari, nalulungkot na ako. Hay..

Advice? Anyone?
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