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The Death of Da Boy
7:50 PM | Author: Zerwin

It's a sad news that stuns the whole nation especially the world of showbiz for an actor in the persona of Rudy Fernandez have given up a fight - a fight between life and death (char!)

Everyone dies! It's inevitable. This cliche sinked in
as I was watching the news flooded of his story. Naalala ko tuloy si William Wallace, my idol, when he shouted out this phrase "Every man dies, not every man really lives" (just a correlation, hehe).

Another realization again, death comes to everyone - actors, billionaires, presidents, and plebeians. But before death knocks on our door, have we exerted all our means to create a legacy, something that people will remember? Have we exerted all effort to touch other peoples' lives?

Good for Rudy because he is an actor. But is it enough just to be famous so that you will be remembered?

Saka ko lng naappreciate ang lahat nung pinapalabas sa TV nung may nagtestimony na lalaki. Sabi nya, "Nakapag-aral ang anak ko dahil sa kanya". And for that, Rudy will forever remain in that person's heart. By that his existence has become meaningful to that person. Pakitranslate lng po sa English =)

How I wish I could do the same to other people. But for now, by doing good things in my own simple ways, I hope I could touch others.

Salamat pala Rudy! In a way, natouch mo ang life ko.. =) See you in heaven. It so happen na nauna ka lang. =)


photo source: http://contents.igma.tv/igmaweb/webpics/photos/295_608/rudy-fernandez.jpg

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