Zerwin is nostalgic. Can you cheer him up?

A Lad's Regret
8:34 AM | Author: Zerwin

She turned her back, as I, heart bleeding,
clasped my arms tightly around her waist.
I could feel her grief, I hope she felt mine.

I had to loosen my arms - my very last resort.
She held her hands nigh, breathing me away.
Her sigh resonated magnified like a broken string,
resonated in the cadence of her tears.
I felt the need to utter the words,
words my heart have been longing to say.
But then, her silhouette faded.

Now, here I am weeping beside her.
I no longer feel her grief, still hoping she felt mine.
Memories haunting;
heart bleed,
unclasped arms,
unuttered words,
words she will never hear:
"Farewell, Mama. I love you!"
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